Easy Hunter’s Chicken Recipe – A Quick Guide

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Hunter’s chicken is a term used to describe chicken that has been hunted and killed in the wild. This type of chicken is typically leaner and tougher than chicken that has been raised in captivity, making it less desirable to many people. However, some people believe that hunter’s chicken has a more natural flavor and is more nutritious than chicken that has been raised in a factory farm.

The history of hunter’s chicken is a long and storied one. This chicken was originally bred in the United States in the early 1800s. The breed was created by crossing various chicken breeds, including the Rhode Island Red, the Plymouth Rock, and the New Hampshire. The result was a chicken that was hardy, good at foraging, and excellent at producing eggs.

The hunter chicken quickly became popular with farmers and homesteaders, and it soon spread to Europe and other parts of the world. Today, hunter chicken is still a popular breed, and it is prized for its egg-laying abilities and its hearty meat.

Why Everybody Loves Hunter Chicken

There are many reasons why people love hunter chicken. The first reason is that it is a very healthy chicken. It has low fat and cholesterol and high protein. It is also a very lean chicken, so it is perfect for those who are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Another reason people love hunter chicken is that it is very easy to cook. You can simply bake it, grill it, or even cook it in a crock pot. It is also a very versatile chicken. You can use it in a variety of recipes, or simply eat it plain. Hunter chicken is also a very affordable chicken. You can usually find it for a very reasonable price, especially if you buy it in bulk.

How to Make Hunter Chicken

Ingredients You Need

  • Vegetable Oil: 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, plus extra for the tray
  • Chicken: 2 skinless chicken breasts
  • Onion: 1 red onion, sliced
  • Smoked Back Bacon: 4 smoked back bacon
  • BBQ Sauce: 50ml sticky BBQ sauce
  • Runner Beans: ½ pack runner beans, ends trimmed
  • Carrots: 2 carrots, peeled and sliced
  • Grated Cheese: G25g grated parmesan


For Slow Cook Method

Step 1

Remove chicken breasts one by one, wrap the center with bacon medallions and secure with cocktail sticks.

Step 2

Set the chicken aside and add all remaining ingredients to the slow cooker and mix well.

Step 3

Put the chicken on top and close the lid. Cook for up to 2.5-3 hours (or less if left on all day).

Step 4

When the time comes, check that the chicken is done. Remove from slow cooker and set aside.

Step 5

Mix the sauce with an immersion blender until smooth.

Step 6

Put the cooked chicken in the refractory and take out the cocktail stick.

Step 7

Pour sauce over chicken breast and top with cheese. Divide the cheese equally among all for the chicken breast.

Step 8

Place on a hot grill until the cheese is melted and a beautiful golden color.

For Oven Method

Step 1

Preheat the oven 6, 200°C, fan 180°C. Season the chicken breasts and place them on the table, wrapping 3 slices of bacon around each fillet so that they overlap slightly and the ends of the bacon are under the chicken so they don’t get tangled.

Step 2

Transfer chicken to baking sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes, until bacon is crispy and chicken is done. Drizzle with BBQ sauce and choose mozzarella cheese. If used, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and bake for 5-8 minutes until golden froth. Served with chips and peas and optionally sprinkled with the dish’s barbecue sauce.

Hunters Chicken with BBQ Sauce

This Hunters Chicken with BBQ Sauce is the perfect dish for a summer BBQ! The chicken is marinated in a flavorful blend of spices, then grilled to perfection and smothered in a homemade BBQ sauce. This dish is sure to be a hit with your guests!

Final Note

Our hunter chicken recipe is the perfect meal for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together or a formal dinner party, this dish is sure to impress your guests. The succulent chicken, smoky bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese combine to create a delicious and hearty meal that will leave everyone satisfied. So, next time you’re looking for a show-stopping recipe, be sure to give our hunter chicken a try.


What is your favorite Easy Hunters chicken recipe?

  • Lemon Garlic Chicken (useful for when you’re sick)
  • Kung Pao Chicken (great for an easy takeout alternative)
  • Chipotle Buffalo (for when you want to spice things up)

What’s your favorite Easy Hunters chicken recipe?

  • Easy Hunters Chicken Stew
  • Easy Hunters Spicy Chicken Sandwich

How do you like your Hunter’s chicken?

  • Fried
  • Grilled

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