Dream Face Reveal: Minecraft Legend Finally Reveals His Face

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“Minecraft Legend” uploaded a video titled “Dream Face Reveal.” The video showed the face of the channel’s owner for the first time, accompanied by the story of how the channel came to be.

In the video, TwitchTracker tells the story of how he started playing Minecraft and how the channel came to be. He talks about how he’s always enjoyed being a part of the Minecraft community, and how he’s grateful to his fans for their support.

The video was met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from Dream’s fans. Many people commented on how inspiring his story was, and how they were happy to finally see his face. Others said that they felt like they knew him better now, and that they appreciated him sharing his story.

Dream’s face reveal video is an inspiring story of how one man followed his dreams and found success. It’s a heartwarming tale that is sure to inspire viewers of all ages.

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  • Who is Dream?
  • What Games Does Dream Play?
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  • When was Dream’s face revealed?
  • History of Dream Face Reveal teasers
  • Dream face reveal twitter posts
  • Who are Dream Face Reveal Friends

Who is Dream?

Clay “Dream”, also known as Dreamwataken, is one of the biggest names in the Minecraft community and is generally considered the greatest creator of Minecraft. The faceless creator changed Minecraft to create one of the most successful Minecraft video series on YouTube, and is the founder of the popular Minecraft Dream SMP server.

Dream has over 29 million subscribers on his main platform, YouTube. Minecraft stars also occasionally stream on Twitch, which has 6 million followers.

Dream also entered the industry of singing with 3 hit songs. His debut single, “Roadtrip”, has streamed over 97 million times on Spotify. “Mask” has been streamed over 69 million times, and her collaboration with Alec Benjamin, titled “Change My Clothes,” has been streamed over 51 million times.

What Games Does Dream Play?

Twitch Legend confirms that popular creators usually play Minecraft. Dream doesn’t always stream and has over 170 hours in the Minecraft category on Twitch. The only consistency in Dream’s streaming schedule is that he streams MC Championships as he competes in popular Minecraft tournaments, which are usually held monthly.

Dream’s content is more consistent on our YouTube channel, where we make videos about the challenges and survival of Minecraft. The most successful series that helped him rise to fame is Minecraft Manhunt, which boasts millions of views. In Minecraft Manhunt, Dream tries to complete the game by defeating the Ender Dragon before his friends kill him.

Minecraft stars also play on the Dream SMP server, a Minecraft server where participants role-play and tell their own intertwined stories. The main character of the server, Dream, is the main villain of the entire story, but sometimes plays other characters such as the server’s rookie, Dream XD.

They also occasionally play other games like GeoGuessr on the stream. Dream can be found more consistently in voice chats on friends’ streams, especially streams from GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Karl Jacobs, and Quackity. It doesn’t matter if they’re just chatting or playing group games like Jackbox, Gang Beasts, or When Us.

What is Dream’s Streaming Setup?

In preparation for GeorgeNotFound’s move to the US, Dream and Sapnap have recently moved to what they call “The Dream Team Home,” and briefly mentioned that they plan to get a new setup. So, this information may be from an old dream setting, but it will be updated as the creators show off the new setting. This information about Dream’s streaming setup comes from the “About Us” section of Dream’s official Twitch page. Here the settings are provided with links.

When was Dream’s face revealed?

On September 19th, Dream announced on his YouTube community tab that he would reveal his face in the next upload.

After much deliberation, around 5 PM PDT on October 2nd, fans got their first glimpse of the famous Minecraft star after dream face reveal.

History of Dream Face Reveal teasers

Back in March, this image showing a Dream wearing a corpse helmet went viral on Twitter. Minecraft stars appear to have posted before they were quickly removed. Because he knew his avid fans would share it immediately.

This isn’t the first time she has wowed fans with a simple hairstyle to show off. In August 2021, she even briefly revealed her locks in an Instagram post. I used her smiley face to hide other parts. These teasing also caused problems. For example, if she ignores any mention of facial expressions.

Viral tweets claimed that Dream “drained” the audience, but they countered that Dream was an image of a random person and that people were unfairly attacking them.

Of course, everything has been put on hold for now due to the official face reveal.

Dream face reveal twitter posts

Who are Dream Face Reveal Friends

Late on September 30, some of Dream’s closest friends posted videos on Twitter of them FaceTiming Dream to reveal their private face. Some of these creators have been waiting over 10 years to see what their best friend looks like.

Karl Jacobs


Anthony Padilla




Mark Rober






Addison Rae


Hannah Rose


Captain Puffy

Dream Face Reveal Instagram Posts

One trend that has emerged on Instagram is the “dream face reveal” post. In these posts, people share a photo or video of themselves with their face obscured, usually with a cute or funny filter, and ask their followers to guess who they are. The reveal usually comes in the form of a comment on the post, where the person reveals their identity.

These posts are usually light-hearted and fun, and they provide a way for people to connect with each other in a unique way. If you’re looking for a way to add some fun to your Instagram feed, consider posting a dream face reveal post of your own!


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Dream Face Reveal Video


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